Signs that You're Already a Victim of ID Theft

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Signs that You're Already a Victim of ID Theft


l A creditor informs you of an application for credit in your name and Social Security number that you never made, or that you’ve been approved or denied credit for which you never applied.

l You receive statements or bills for any type of credit, utility or other accounts in your name and address for which you never applied.

l A collection agency contacts you to collect on delinquent accounts that you never opened and never authorized.

l Unfamiliar charges on account statements.

l Your bank sends you an automatic insufficient funds notice or an overdraft funds transfer notice when you should have sufficient funds in your account for all debits, checks and payments you’ve made.

l An unusual or unexplained notice from a government agency may indicate your information was used to commit fraud involving a government agency.

l A visit from a police officer involving a criminal investigation or a warrant for your arrest for something you didn’t do.

l Service of summons to appear in court or lawsuits for actions you know nothing about.

l The amount of mail you typically receive is suddenly significantly reduced without explanation, or specific bills, documents or account statements are not received.